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Live Life Sustainably

Hello, I am the creator of My Gallivanting a travel blog that focuses on sustainable lifestyles. Have you ever wondered where you belong in life? This blog is about finding your niche and traveling for you. It’s about improving yourself, and helping others along the way.

Growing up in a small homogenous Midwestern town made it difficult for me to discover who I really was. Living abroad helped me learn what kind of person I could be.

In my early 20’s I moved to Belize where I spent four years as a volunteer teacher helping the deaf and their families learn to communicate with one another.  The experience opened my eyes to new societies & cultures.

A few years back auto-immune issues forced me back to the states to recoup and reevaluate my life. My mission is to encourage fellow travelers to ‘wander the globe in pursuit of adventure and enlightenment,’ but to do so in a sustainable manner that leaves local communities improved instead of trampled on.


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