I wish I could travel the world

      That statement probably sounds weird coming from a travel blogger. I live a privileged life. My circumstances are such that I have been able to build a life where I can travel to different exotic locations.

Recently I was reading the comments section of another blog. Some douche bag called the contributor an ‘entitled white women’ because of her solo adventure to South Africa. South Africa lays claim to alarmingly high rape statistics. Fortunately, her trip was without incident. Thanks a good part to her forethought and planning. The man in the comments section thought she was being an ‘entitled white women’ because she wanted to travel the world without fear of assault or rape.
I had to pause and really think about his comment, ‘Entitled white women’. Shouldn’t all humans be entitled to their own bodies? When men go out are they afraid of being assaulted? How often do men worry about their safety? How many times a day do they double-check their surroundings? So why should women have to worry?
As a solo traveler I constantly think about safety. It involves a lot of planning on my part. I avoid traveling at night. I search for safe neighborhoods when I book lodging. I try to venture out and about when others are on the street. The big question is ‘Why should women be afraid? Why is being safe considered an entitlement and not a god given right?
So many articles write about women taking safety precautions, but I have to ask ‘what is wrong with you men?’ Not all men obviously. I am not a radical feminist. I have no issues with open-minded, respectful men. My issue is with entitled men. What makes you think you can take or touch what doesn’t belong to you? What makes you think you have the right to harass us? A few minutes of pleasure for you leaves us with a lifetime of scars.
There are many places I want to visit in the world. Morocco, India, and Thailand to name a few. Countries known for the mistreatment and exploitation of women.  I am sure I will get to them one day. Many of my male friends visit without a second thought. Isn’t that entitlement? Unless I want harassment a lot of searching goes into finding travel mates to go with. Is that entitled?
I am aware that as a white American I have certain privileges handed to me that people from other nationalities or races have to work very hard to get. All I am asking is for men to acknowledge the privilege extended to them as well. More emphasis needs placement on how men treat women and not how women should protect themselves. Men need to acquire an awareness of how their actions affects us. Ask yourself; Does it really so disrupt your life to let us live our lives unscathed?

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