5 Spanish Language Learning Tools

I’m gonning to sound so old saying this, but when I learned American Sign Language in my early twenties everything seemed easy. I was totally immersed in deaf culture and had a deaf roommate. So within 1.5 years I felt proficient in the language and was even holding language courses for teachers. Fast forward to my late twenties when life has suddenly become a lot more complicated and learning Spanish is a daily struggle. Here are a few learning tools that I have found particularly helpful.

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish
Learning Spanish grammer is essential to speaking Spanish properly. Madrigal’s focuses on teaching concepts rather than memorized phrases and is an extremely effective learning tool. I had a hard time with learning the concepts initially, but the more Spanish I learn the more helpful this book became. So be patient with it. Over the course of the book Margarita Madrigal explains all the daunting Spanish concepts that defy logic.

Is a fun, free app you can download on your smartphone. It has a nice interactive approach that tests your Spanish knowledge. Duoling is good for practicing what you already know, but it won’t teach you concepts or why certain things are phased a particular way.

This website is fantastic. You can sign up for free. They offer simple lessons, clear explanations, and effective quizzes. I highly recommend giving it a go.

Google translate
This is a fairly accurate translation app. I use it to double check what I’m writing to my Spanish friends. You need to be specific in your word choice as some words have multiple meanings. A basic knowledge of Spanish helps reduce errors. The better my Spanish gets the better I am at phrasing English sentences so they can be translated accurately.

SpanishDict translator
I love using this app for conjugations I don’t understand and to look up individual word meanings.

Chegg flashcard app
Nothing beats good old fashioned cram sessions and frequent review. Downloading a flashcard app on your smartphone or tablet makes study time convenient and portable. I use Chegg flashcard app.

What tools have you found helpful in learning Spanish? Feel free to comment below.

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