5 Unbelievable Photos of Lake Michigan


After living in Maui for a year and a half I was worried about returning to Traverse City, Michigan where my family is from. Most of the time when I tell people where I grew up I receive a lot of sympathy and condolences.

The biggest surprise that greeted me was Lake Michigan. I love the ocean, and mountains, and waterfalls of Hawaii. So I was surprised how happy I was to be in West Bays tranquil waters once again. There is just something so reassuring about knowing your not paddle boarding with sharks or struggling against killer currents. The cheaper cost of living makes it easier to afford a boat, or a kayak or a paddle board or all three in my case. So while a piece of my heart will always be with my good friends in Maui here are 5 pictures that helped heal the heartbreak of returning to the mainland.

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