The Covert Clip Security Wallet

Covert Clip

This is an affiliate post for the Covert Clip security wallet. The Covert Clip offers wearers peace of mind from pickpockets an identity theft.  I took mine to Europe and Central America where the threat of theft can be an ever nagging thought in the back of your mind. The Covert Clip rests comfortably on the inside your pants waistline making passports, credit cards, and other small valuables inaccessible to theft. The Covert clip is RFID blocking which helps prevent identity theft and is made from a sturdy leather like material.

Covert Clip Black
“If they can’t see it, they can’t steal it.” My personal preference is to keep a small amount of cash or one credit card and ID in my front pocket and leave my passport and other cards safety tucked away in the Covert Clip so no one will ever know they are there.

The Covert Clip Women's
The covert clip comes in both classic black and a stylish geometric print. An included adjustable strap comes with the women’s covert clip (geometric pattern) making it possible to wear it around the waist or as a clutch worn over the shoulder.

The covert Clip Interior
Individual pockets inside the Covert Clip neatly divide keys and cards from passport or iPhone (my Samsung Galaxy is too big to fit). The dividers add reinforcement and durability to the product. The clips securing your valuables to your clothing are solid and well constructed as well so there is no fear of detachment.

Covert Clip
I was provided with a sample of the Covert Clip pictured above in both black and geometric.  I loaned the security wallet out to fellow travelers so they could test it out for themselves. Everyone who tested out the Covert Clip said it was comfortable and easily accessible. You can order your own security wallet from the link below.

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